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The Photo Blog: Have You Seen My Childhood?

As the cliché says, “A picture is worth 1000 words.  So here it goes…

It was an early December Morning 2015 and I was exiting the train station…making my way home from yet another long overnight shift at what is now my former place of employment.  I decided to cut through the projects as opposed to my usual walking route.  Upon entering the threshold of the complex I came across a pair of roller skates just sitting at the gate.  They looked fairly new and rarely used.

For a brief time before taking the picture, I stared at those skates and my thoughts reverted back to my childhood…a more conservative time in the Bronx.  As a child, the neighborhood kids and I were allowed to run freely in the streets after coming home from school. There were more of everything then than there are now as far as activities for children. Free activities. We had a community center where there were homework help sessions and games and fun things to do.  We didn’t worry much about the dangers of the block for they were usually reserved for the weekend.  We would roller skate outside in the streets with caution to oncoming cars. We were reckless…yet mindful.

Back then there were roller rinks and bowling alleys throughout the 5 boroughs that were affordable and fun. Now it’s more expensive and few and far between. Today’s “fun” activities have a price. You can certainly find free activities today but they are even fewer and farther between.

It’s amazing how true the statement “the past was a simpler time” actually is. Today’s world is so much more dangerous for anyone to live in…even with and in some cases because of modern technology. Hard work is a foreign language and convenient gratification is the state our minds are in.  Many of us are now working on going backward to bring back that simpler time…a time when no one was too lazy to lift a finger. A time when the Earth was healthier as were the inhabitants. A time when diseases and epidemics were sporadic. A time when having fun was organic and not mass produced for profit. A time when parents were parents and the youth respected their elders. A time where one’s worth wasn’t based on likes, followers, thumbs up or heart emojis.

I am always grateful to have been born and raised during a simpler time…

Until next time,