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A Kpop Cougars’ Life: 5 Kpop Songs To Get You Through The Summer

When my friend Audrey, of Audreycan.com, asked me to collaborate on a Kpop blog post, I was internally floored. It warms my heart that she’s open to this.  I am also honored to be her Kpop mentor, haha.

Audrey picked 5 songs from girl groups and I picked from male groups. This was a rather difficult task for me to narrow my faves down to just 5 songs, especially when 5 of those songs would’ve been from one group. What I end up doing was choosing 5 Summer songs. The songs I picked has that feel of warm weather, block parties, and outdoor jams…

Let’s get started.

Song: Feel So Good
Group: B.A.P

Album: Carnival (2016)

Only a crazy person would do a 5 fave song list and NOT include their ultimate bias group. ‘Feel So Good’ screams Summer. This sound has an 80s R&B/funk feel, like Kool & The Gang. It takes me to the times of Roller Rinks and Summer block parties in the Bronx…a carefree time. If you want to have a good, stressless feel to your day, let ‘Feel So Good’ be the first song you listen to first thing in the morning. I guarantee you will have a positive outlook on your day.

Audrey’s Take:  Okay, I LOVE this song!! It makes me want to go to a cookout, it’s so summery! I also really like the Michael Jackson influence I am hearing in the song.


Song: Chained Up
Group: VIXX
Album: Chained Up (2015)

Oh VIXX.  I love these guys. Just couldn’t do this without my 2nd favorite group. I was actually quite amused with their sexy concept for this song. They pulled it off well. ‘Chained Up’ is another one that gives me 80s Pop/R&B feels. I get my life when I play this…dancing awkwardly like Elaine from Seinfeld LOL.

Audrey’s take: VIXX!!!!!!!! You know I love me some them! LOL, This song reminds me of something, but I cannot put my finger on it. I found myself humming the hook hours after listening.

Song: Growl
Group: EXO

Album: XOXO (2013)

‘Growl’ was one of the first songs I’ve encountered in the beginning of my Kpop journey. From the first note, I thought Teddy Riley had a hand in this (Teddy actually did write a song for EXO in 2012). If you are looking for a bonafide 90s inspired sound, ‘Growl’ is the song to have. My life changed in the Summer of 2013 and EXO is partial to blame with this song.

Audrey’s take:  I like this one. It had a very smooth 90’s R&B vibe to it, which I of course love. Am I crazy that it reminded me a lot of No Diggity?


Song: Hero
Group: Monsta X

Album: Rush (2015)

Honestly, Monsta X was that group I did not want to like. They were determined to make me stan them when they came out with their second EP, Rush. ‘Hero’ hit me like a ton of bricks and from that point, I was hooked on. The heavy Hip Hop/90s R&B influence in the sound was a great relief from the grossly annoying trap music I hear in the States today. They can be my hero any day *Tee-hee*.

Audrey’s Take:  From the first few notes, I yelled out “AYYYYYYYEEEEE!” LOL, this song is FIYAH, and I totally bought the single!!!


Song: Crazy
Group: Teen Top
Album: It’s (2012)
Teen Top is the only K-pop group I know of that whose niche is Dance music. This song reminds me of all of the Dance/Club hits of the late 80s/early 90s. If I need a boost of energy, ‘Crazy’ is one of their many songs I go to. This is a great fit for the Summer.
Audrey’s take: This gets a “Meh…” from me. It’s totally catchy, but it’s a bit too teeny bopper for my taste.

There you have it. All the songs featured are available
in all streaming outlets. I really enjoyed doing this collab with you, Audrey. Thanks for coming up with this…
What do you guys think of my picks? If you’re a Kpopper, what are your favorite go-to songs for the Summer? Let me know…Who knows, they may be on my extensive list or will be a new addition…

Be sure to stop by Audrey’s blog, AudreyCan.com, for her picks of the catchiest Girl Group songs to get you through the Summer. Pretty cool choices if you ask me.

Until next time,