Can She Dig It? My Review of the No!No! Micro Hair Removing System.

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I have PCOS.

That stands for PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome.  It’s a hormonal disorder that can make fertility a very difficult task. Aside from that, the side effects of PCOS are very daunting. Excessive hair is among the many physically unappealing side effects. I’ve gone all the routes–waxing, threading, using depilatories. In recent years I’ve settled for shaving due to it’s less evasive damage to my time, skin and wallet. When the opportunity came to try out the No!No! Micro Hair removal system I jumped at it. I had nothing to lose, right?

The No!No! Micro is a compact device. It looks like a pocket-sized electric shaver. Unlike a shaver or an epilator, the No!No! Micro uses Thermicon Technology…which is a heat-based technology. Simply put, the heat sensors crystalizes the hair follicles thus slowing the growth process. Results are promised in 6 weeks. The No!No! is not a permanent hair removal process. That is fine by me because I do not want anything else affecting my already unbalanced hormones.

The No!No! system includes:

  • The device itself
  • 2 Thermicon heads (small and large)
  • 1 large hair removing buffer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Plug in charger

I gave myself 7 weeks (14 treatments) to test this out. I’ve heard stories of how this device burns the skin. I read the instructions carefully and multiple times. The device doesn’t require you to press hard onto the skin…it doesn’t activate until you move it across your skin. It is recommended that you move it over the hair no more than six times to avoid burning the skin. At first use, it did give off a warm sensation but it did not burn or leave a scar. The only thing I found annoying was the smell of my hair crystalizing. I’ve gotten used to it by the 5th treatment.

After 7 weeks of using the No!No! Micro, does it work?


I’ve tested on a small section of my arm twice it took the hair a couple of weeks to fully grow back. However on my face, which is my main focus for this device, not so much. If you look at the picture below, The one pictured today was taken 14 hours after using the No!No! the night before. In certain parts, you can see stubble forming, which is not supposed to happen after 7 weeks of using the device.

I have a theory for this. The No!No! Micro advertises it will work on all hair colors (including grey) and skin tones, but it did not say anything about hair texture. The hair on my face is not peach fuzz as you can clearly see in the 1st-week photo. It grows pretty thick…close to a man’s beard texture. My theory is that the No!No! Micro has only one setting. That setting will work on thinner, or fine textured hair (like the hair on my arm). It will not work on anything thicker than that. For that to work, you will have to use it 3 times a week but you see the results a lot later than 6 weeks.

The No!No! comes in 2 other models: The No!No! Pro (The original with 3 settings), and the recently launched No!No! Pivot (Which has 5 settings). Multiple settings deal with multiple textures. I believe that if I had either of those models I would get better results.

So can I dig the No!No! Micro? If I had peach fuzz on my face yes…but since I do not, I can’t dig it. I would recommend this product only to those whose hair is fine in texture. You can find No!No! Micro on Amazon.

What are your thoughts on the No!No! Micro?

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