Springing Into The Month Of May…

May has arrived and Spring has sprung. The weather is nicer. With each passing day, I’m slowly allowing myself to see what the people in my life see in me. In May, I aim to see and feel myself having more faith in me.

The goal for this month on AGS is featuring stories I have been afraid to post in the past (hence the massive gaps between posts). I have very strong opinions and it may rub people the wrong way, but I’m feeling the need to voice them. I don’t like, nor do I want to engage in debates…because they more often than not become more about being right and conforming to one’s point of view and less about respectfully seeing a different perspective even though you don’t agree. So many things have occurred in the past few days alone may deem worthy of expressing my thoughts. That said, I will attempt maybe one post about a current event and give my 2 cents…and may the chips fall where they shall.

Another challenge I am embarking on is an attempt on Meatless Mondays. Yes. Now that I have established a love for cooking, I want to take my healthier eating quest up a notch by finding ways to incorporate more vegetables into my diet. This was inspired by an event I went to a couple of weeks ago by a company called Hello Wellness where we were making pizza using mostly vegan products I was very surprised by how good vegan mozzarella cheese taste. I’ve found 4 simple vegan recipes for each Monday and I can’t wait to start. Let’s not get it twisted, I’m not working on converting to a vegan lifestyle…just being more creative health cook.

Lastly, this month I am a Brand Ambassador. Wakami Global is a non-profit organization focusing on helping women from Guatemala become entrepreneurs…providing them with professional training and marketing their handmade accessories (in particular, jewelry). Wakami’s goal is to give these women a sense of purpose and the drive to become financially self-sufficient.

The Wakami campaign is a celebration of women chasing their dreams. Starting today, until May 16th, You can save 10% off the cost of their wonderful bracelets. Tune in to my Instagram page this week for more information. In the meantime, check out the video below for more information about Wakami and their mission.

What are your goals for the month of May?

Until next time,

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