Summer In Full Swing! AGS July/Summer Goals

Last month, I took an unexpected mental break. I was in such a deep funk that I just could not put out any content. I’m not 100%, however, I’m feeling a bit better…well enough to get back to work.

July…The start of the second half of 2018. I believe I have come some way in terms of putting out content. I will admit, however, most of that content is on Instagram. Sorting out which content goes where is rather difficult. I am not good at time management at all…mostly due to procrastination. Although I am getting better at fighting through my fears, a lot of my content, whether here or on IG, still falls by the wayside. 

It’s obvious what my goal for the Summer is…right?

I have a planner for a reason…I need to use it. There are scheduling apps that I can afford to use…I need to utilize those tools. My friend Audrey…I need to pick her brain. 

Over the past few months, I have forced myself out of the house…going to promotional events, press conferences, and launches. Not only does it help with the exposure of my brand, but more importantly, helps with my social ineptness. I have acquired a bit more confidence when it comes to meeting the hosts of these events…not quite there meeting the other attendees but it’s coming along.

I know what I haven’t done yet on AGS is making it a bit more personal. Admittedly, fear is a major if not THE component for this not happening. Fighting through the pain of fear is…well, painful. It really does hurt. That said, the process is slower than I would like for it to be. Dealing with this on top of fighting through my depression is a bit overwhelming…and since I am not in a position financially to see someone professionally to help me sort this out, I have to work on it on my own. This is my goal for June itself.


What will you see this month on AGS? More Kpop Cougar stuff. I will be reviewing a few comebacks from April, May, and June…I will also write on how BTS changed the game and bridged the gap between East and Western music…and some other things. In a new segment, called “Reading Material”, I’ll be reviewing a book about complaining. I have the 411 of my favorite (non-alcoholic) drinks. Can I dig a new beauty device? We shall see.

On a personal note, I am still Detoxing, Decluttering but not so much Decompressing. I will talk about my time management situation and how I’m trying to balance life.

There you have it. I hope you are seeing the second half of 2018 is a turning point to positive living. What are your goals for July and for this Summer…both professionally and personally?

Until next time,


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